Physics 0625 Past Papers 2022 May ─ June Download

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If you find yourself struggling to answer a question from a past paper of Physics 0625, one way to get some help is to download the marking scheme for that paper. This will give you an indication of what the correct answer should look like, and can provide some useful clues as to how to approach the question. Another strategy is to work backwards, starting with the most recent papers and working your way back through previous years’ papers. This can allow you to see how the questions have changed over time, and can help you to better understand the format of the papers. Whichever method you choose, by taking the time to review past papers you can give yourself a better chance of success on future exams.

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0625_s22_qp_631.19 MB34 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_621.09 MB34 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_611.08 MB37 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_531.04 MB23 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_521.08 MB23 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_511.06 MB21 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_431.02 MB47 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_421.16 MB31 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_411.12 MB46 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_332.42 MB22 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_321.29 MB25 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_311.15 MB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_23319.74 KB23 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_22427.96 KB28 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_21417.07 KB28 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_13445.63 KB20 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_12494.58 KB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_qp_11426.67 KB18 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_63241.70 KB25 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_62261.79 KB28 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_61231.03 KB24 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_53253.26 KB16 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_52262.33 KB15 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_51253.73 KB16 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_43321.64 KB25 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_42246.43 KB27 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_41323.57 KB39 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_33241.75 KB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_32249.59 KB16 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_31244.75 KB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_23154.70 KB21 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_22154.64 KB25 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_21154.74 KB24 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_13154.74 KB15 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_12154.76 KB14 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ms_11154.72 KB21 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_gt135.48 KB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_er6.62 MB17 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ci_531.54 MB15 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ci_521.54 MB15 DownloadPreview
0625_s22_ci_511.58 MB12 DownloadPreview
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